Wildes Packaging

WILDES PACKAGING is a supplier of cosmetic packaging or a supplier of custom cosmetic packaging that provides solutions for beautypreneurs to create unique cosmetics. Established in 2020 in Jakarta. Our products are made of plastic, glass and aluminum. We are committed to a sustainable business. Our focus is on meeting market needs while at the same time driving the welfare and economy of the nation.


Supplier Packaging Kosmetik Dipercaya

Core Value  Wildes Packaging adalah pengiriman cepat dan fast respon. Kami memegang teguh kepercayaan pelanggan kami, Wildes berkomitmen memberikan kualitas yang tepat dengan harga terjangkau.
Sebagai supplier packaging kosmetik / supplier kemasan kosmetik, kami menawarkan kemasan sebagai berikut : 
1. Botol Parfum
2. Botol Pipet / Botol Serum
3. Airless Botol
4. Botol Plastik 
5. Cap / Tutup
6. Jar / Pot
7. Tube
8. Air Cushion / Tempat Bedak
9. Lip Cream
10. Lipstik
11. Eyeliner
12. Mascara